Watersports Performance & Rehab

Poole Bay Physiotherapy is uniquely qualified in physiotherapy, surf coaching and beach lifeguarding. A bachelor degree in Marine Sports Science alongside a physiotherapy degree, knowledge and skills provides invaluable expertise. Our passion is to deliver a tailored service for fellow watersports enthusiasts' needs.

Our passion is to deliver a tailored service for fellow watersports enthusiasts' needs.

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    Biomechanical assessment:

    Looking at specific movements relating to your activities we can identify your strengths and weaknesses. A broad knowledge of watersports testing and coaching in both lab and field environments alongside physiotherapy knowledge to provide you with the best possible treatment plan.

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    Injury prevention:

    Specific and individualised treatment plan based on findings of the biomechanical assessment alongside collaborative goal-setting. Many factors including diet, lifestyle, strength and conditioning may be taken into consideration to ensure you achieve your full potential.

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    Advice and education:

    Empowering you to understand your body and which specific movements are important for your body type, goals and watersport. Advice about equipment…. Additionally, Poole Bay Physiotherapy works directly with local watersports outlets and can provide advice regarding equipment choice.

Return to sport post-operatively with our guidance:

Evidence based practice to get you back on the water safely and at your best. We can work with you to create a timeline and action plan with respect to recovery times. With extensive knowledge in this field from working on the beach dealing with initial injuries, the acute phase of surgery in the hospital, outpatient rehabilitation and getting clients back in the water.

Prices start from £60 per 1 hour session

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