Corporate wellness

Investing in employee wellbeing will ultimately pay dividends in the form of increased productivity, morale, and team camaraderie. Services can be provided to carry out workplace assessments, set ups, or individual assessment and treatments.

Invest in your employees wellness

Musculoskeletal and stress issues are the most common reasons for sick days. Maintaining the health of your employees will ultimately reduce sick days and costs to business.‘Blue exercise’ which is any exercise taken place in or around oceans, lakes or rivers has proven to reduce stress and anxiety. In addition to work based assessments we can provide events day in collaboration with local watersports centres. These may include paddleboarding, surfing, massage, physiotherapy assessment and much more. Take a look at our events page for ideas or suggest your own and we can help create it.

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    Reduce stress:

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    Increased productivity & motivation

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    Boost morale and team building